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Rules Department
Respect the rules and staff, because we respect you 
Let’s nurture friendship and create together 
  Breaking the rules is not interesting and you are not interesting to anyone 
Be honest and you will be loved 


- Note -
All rules are valid
Each rule can be change at any time

 Forum Rules
Forum Rules Applied
LAST UPDATE: 18.10.2021

1. Posting your own as well as other people’s personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, place of work, etc.).
2. Posting links to phishing sites, malware, or spyware.
3. Impersonating forum moderators or other users.
4. Spamming, bashing, flaming, trolling, or abusing the reputation and/or “report as spam” function.
5. Any kind of encouragement towards taking drugs or drinking alcohol.
6. Creating multiple accounts.
7. Posting something that is knowingly false.
8. Thread bumping, hijacking or posting comments that are unrelated to the original topic and make it difficult for others to follow the discussion.
9. Posting pornography, inappropriate or offensive content, warez, unreleased game content, and things that are generally considered not suitable for work.
10. Linking to cracks, key generators, pirated content and promoting piracy overall. However, discussions about piracy are generally acceptable.
11. Posting cheats, hacks, game exploits, and game spoilers - unless you clearly note that this is what your post is about at the top of it.
12. Threats of violence, harassment or privacy breach - even as a joke.
13. Using a third party’s intellectual property (full or partial scans of articles, books, full transcriptions of articles, etc.) unless you have permission to do so.
14. Selling (including real-life or in-game trading), advertising, referrals, links to other stores, auctioning - unless this applies to giveaways.
15. Use of language that is abusive, vulgar, hateful, defamatory, obscene, profane, threatening, privacy-invasive, or law-violating.
16. Encouraging anyone else to break these rules.
17. Taking any other actions that are deemed inappropriate by Apolox Staff at our sole discretion.
18. Political discussions not related to a video game are not permitted. Threads created exclusively to talk 

Note: Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment.
ChatBox Rules
ChatBox Rules Applied
LAST UPDATE: 18.10.2021

1. Be accepting.
Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, or ability.
2. Respect boundaries.
Don’t make advances or comments on appearance that might make someone uncomfortable.
3. Don’t criticize.
We all have different styles - don't judge someone's gameplay or game choice.
4. Don't be rude.
Don’t intentionally provoke, threaten or insult anyone. We’re all here to have fun.
5. Don’t flood the chat.
Keep the conversation going, but don’t repeatedly send the same comments.
6. Don’t self promote.
We're not here for a sales pitch. Stay focused on the stream.
7. Keep it clean.
If it's shocking, obscene, vulgar or inflammatory, leave it out.
8. No profanity.

Note: Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment.
Discord Rules
Discord Rules Applied
LAST UPDATE: 18.10.2021
General server rules
  • No blank nicknames.
  • No inappropriate nicknames.
  • No sexually explicit nicknames.
  • No offensive nicknames.
  • No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode.
  • No blank profile pictures.
  • No inappropriate profile pictures.
  • No sexually explicit profile pictures.
  • No offensive profile pictures.
  • You must be 13+ years old.
  • Moderators reserve the right to change nicknames.
  • Moderators reserve the right to use their own discretion regardless of any rule.
  • No exploiting loopholes in the rules (please report them).
  • No DMing other members of the server.
  • Rules apply to DMing other members of the server.
  • No inviting unofficial bots.
  • No bugs, exploits, glitches, hacks, bugs, etc.
Text chat rules
  • No questioning the mods.
  • No @mentioning the mods.
  • No asking to be granted roles/moderator roles.
  • @mention the moderators for support.
  • Contact the moderators under #channel for support.
  • No @everyone/@here mentioning without permission.
  • No @mentioning spam.
  • No sexually explicit content.
  • No pornographic content.
  • No NSFW content.
  • No illegal content.
  • No piracy.
  • No modding.
  • No homebrew.
  • No hacking.
  • No publishing of personal information (including real names, addresses, emails, passwords, bank account and credit card information, etc.).
  • No personal attacks.
  • No witch hunting.
  • No harassment.
  • No sexism.
  • No racism.
  • No hate speech.
  • No offensive language/cursing.
  • No religious discussions.
  • No political discussions.
  • No sexual discussions.
  • No flirting.
  • No dating.
  • No flaming.
  • No flame wars.
  • Agree to disagree.
  • No trolling.
  • No spamming.
  • No excessive messaging (breaking up an idea in many posts instead of writing all out in just one post).
  • No walls of text (either in separate posts or as a single post).
  • No overusing emojis.
  • No overusing reactions.
  • No external emojis.
  • Keep conversations in English.
  • Use #channel for conversations in another/other language(s).
  • Moderators reserve the right to delete any post.
  • Moderators reserve the right to edit any post.
  • No advertisement.
  • No advertisement without permission.
  • No links.
  • No linking to other servers.
  • No memes.
  • No pictures.
  • No gifs.
  • No bot commands.
  • Bot commands only under #channel.
  • List of allowed bot commands:
  • No channel hopping.
  • No offtopic/use the right text channel for the topic you wish to discuss.
Voice chat rules
  • No voice chat channel hopping.
  • No annoying, loud or high pitch noises.
  • Reduce the amount of background noise, if possible.
  • Push to talk only.
  • Moderators reserve the right to disconnect you from a voice channel if your sound quality is poor.
  • Moderators reserve the right to disconnect, mute, deafen, or move members to and from voice channels.
Bot specific rules
  • No command spam.
  • No macros.
  • No hacks.
  • No adding/changing/removing commands.

Note: Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment.
Survival Rules
Minecraft Survival Rules Applied
LAST UPDATE: 18.10.2021

1. Offense is prohibited
2. Prohibited advertising
3. SPAM is forbidden
4. CAPS is forbidden
5. Swearing is prohibited
6. Provocation is forbidden
7. Harassment are prohibited
8. Avoiding filters is prohibited
9. Strictly respect for staff team
10. Abuse of command is prohibited
11. Abuse bugs is forbidden
12. It is forbidden to ask for items from staff team
13. It is forbidden zo ask for physical assist from staff team
14. It is forbidden to spread lies about server and staff
15. It is forbidden to request a rank from staff team

Note: Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment.